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6365197090702700005091720.png In Nov. 2017, received “National Industrial Design Center”

6365197090702700005091720.png In Sep. 2017, received ”Demonstration Enterprise for 2017 MIIT Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Project ”

6365197090702700005091720.png In Aug.2017, received “Key Laboratory of Industrial Internet & IOT (Internet of Things) in Fujian”

6365197090702700005091720.png In May 2017, received” the 4th Xiamen Quality Awards”

6365197090702700005091720.png In March 2017, won third prize of “Xiamen City Patent Award”

6365197090702700005091720.png In 2016-2017, received “Fujian Industrial Design Center:”, “Xiamen Industrial Design Center

6365197090702700005091720.png In 2015-2017, received “Xiamen Key Industrial enterprise”

6365197090702700005091720.png In Dec. 2016, won third prize of “2016 Xiamen science and technology progress award”

6365197090702700005091720.png In Nov.2016, gained” quality benchmark for Fujian Enterprise in 2016”

6365197090702700005091720.png In Oct. 2016, won Gold Award in “2016 Fujian Province Strait Cup Industrial Design Competition ".

6365197090702700005091720.png In Apr. 2016, identified as “2016 Fujian high growth enterprises in high industrialization and informatization”.

6365197090702700005091720.png In March 2016, passed CMMI-ML3 audit.

6365197090702700005091720.png In 2015-2016, received ”Fujian Intelligent manufacturing Pilot Demonstration enterprises” , ”Xiamen Intelligent manufacturing Pilot Demonstration enterprises”

6365197090702700005091720.png In Dec. 2015, identified as “Fujian Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”

6365197090702700005091720.png In Oct.2015, received “2015 Xiamen innovative company”

6365197090702700005091720.png In August 2015, received “Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise in Xiamen”

6365197090702700005091720.png In July 2015, selected as pilot enterprise in implementing standard   integration of information technology and industrialization management System in 2015 by MIIT

6365197090702700005091720.png In May 2015, received “Superior intellectual property enterprises in Fujian province”

6365197090702700005091720.png In 2014-2015, honored for “Fujian Famous Trademark “, “Xiamen Famous Trademark

6365197090702700005091720.png In September 2014, obtained “2014~2015 Xiamen Key Import and Export Enterprise”

6365197090702700005091720.png In April 2014, obtained “2014 Fujian Key Reserve Listed Enterprise”

6365197090702700005091720.png In April 2014, Joined ZigBee and CSHIA (Council Members).

6365197090702700005091720.png In December 2013, received “Xiamen Enterprise Technology Center”

6365197090702700005091720.png In December 2012, passed IS0/TS16949 certification and ISO9001 certification

6365197090702700005091720.png In June 2012, qualified as “National High and New Technology Enterprise” for the first time and passed the re-audit in 2015

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