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Industrial Robot

Rotary Disc Type Automatic Assembly Platform (PSU Automatic ...
Operating Principle:
        Control rotary disc type operating platform through smartsystem and precisely locate product to be assembled. Assemble product on thedesignated positi... [Detail]
Multi-axis Motion Control Platform
Operating Principle:
        Precisely locate product to be assembled and programthe standard values required by assembly time, assembly speed and strength andcontrol multi-axis m... [Detail]
Roatry Disc Type Multi-station Automatic Protective Film Sti...
Operating Principle:
        Locate special-shaped productprecisely and program standard values required by shape and dimension. Controlthe cutter edge through system intelligent... [Detail]
Other Non-standard Automation Equipment
Plastic Hollow WheelAutomatic Assembly:
        Transfer materials automatically and locate componentsprecisely through system intelligent control. Complete automatic materialfeeding and assembly fo... [Detail]
Full-automatic Electric Performance Test Platform
Operating Principle:
        Locate PCB tested precisely. The upper and lowersurface can be put into detection thimble and several PCB can be detectedsimultaneously. Acceptable pr... [Detail]
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