IntreInternet of Family

       Take community property system as center and distribute smart server to every family to replace original door access system. Connect to Internet through WIFI, users can enjoy convenient service through mobile client or server

panel, which improve community property management to a new height. Use voice/video intercom system to talk with friends and relatives; initiate and organize family care, community support and parent-child entertainment, etc.; check

community digital equipment, cameras and parking space conditions; property management sends out messages of cutting off water/electricity/gas supply and facility transformation, etc.

       Meanwhile, Intre Smart Home sets O2O and connects with community supermarket, washhouse, household service, training and education, automobile decoration, fruit and vegetable market and property management, etc.,

which help you consume without leaving home and enjoy home delivery service and build humanized and smart community from the perspective of practicability and convenience.

       Intre+ is not only family control system, but also pay more attention to interaction between families to make smart with warmth.


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