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Smart Factory

Smart Manufacturing Characteristics:

        1.Strive for theworld 1st class quality; SMT Single PPMyield rate 99.5%);

        2.Almost perfect product delivery rate ( on time deliver rate> 99%);

        3.Customized industrial robot "stand" at each key process;

        4.Integrateglobal supply chain and perform pull-production mode;

        5.Share real-time production data all over the world;

        6.Pursue low cost, high quality,transparency and Consistency.


Import IOT Interconnected Factory (Smart Manufacturing Platform) and Build Four Smart System Module:

        1.Automatic production line program transmission management;

        2.Automatic production parameterdetection monitoring;

        3.Each production process quality traceability management;

        4.Product lifecycle and after-saleservice control and management

Smart Manufacturing Procedure:

        1.Smart factory will use electronic labels for production cycle of each material, equipment, unit part and operator;

        2.Sense for the factory temperature, humidity, noise and pollution degree, etc.;

        3.Collect and manage data of each work order, link, station, machine, operator during the whole production process.

The development of smart factory is the new direction of smart industry.The characteristics are embodied in the manufacture:

        1.Independence ability: Collect and understand the outside world and its own information, and depending on it to judge and plan its behavior;

        2.Entire Visibility Technique Practice: Combine with signal processing, inference forecasting and multimedia technique to enlarge the realistic environment to present the design and manufacturing process of real life;

        3.Characteristics of Coordination, Recombination and Extension: Each group undertake pursuant work task in system and form best system structure automatically;

        4.Self-learning and Self-maintenance: Based on the self-learning ability of the system, complement and update database in the manufacturing process and implement failure diagnosis automatically. It is also equipped with troubleshooting and informing the corresponding system for implementation;

        5.Man-machine Coexistence: Man and machine have cooperation relationship and supplement each other between different levels

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